Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rounding out the year

So, I restarted a blog in November and promptly neglected it until now. On this last day of the year, it seems appropriate to actually sit down and write something.
We've had Toots here since last weekend. She was supposed to go back to the residence, but they were having repairs done and something unexpected happened. The house has no heat or hot water. All the girls with families went home, and those without family to go to were taken to another residence the agency runs in Queens. Having Toots here has worked out OK, mostly. There haven't been any meltdowns, just crabbiness, rudeness, and childish behavior. And, as always, she can be very helpful around the house, sometimes spontaneously.

Christmas was all right. Since I lost my job back in the fall, we scaled back on presents this year. The kids both complained mildly, but as far as I'm concerned they have nothing to kick about. They both got some of the things they wanted. Lew and I bought limited presents for each other, which is fine with me. We have so much anyway. My favorite gift was a jar of anti-aging skin cream I had selected. After six nights of use, my sensitive skin hasn't broken out in response, and I think I see a small difference in texture. Well, a girl can hope.

The Ninja has been doing well. He's in 9th grade, 5'7", and has size 13 feet. His passions are for video gaming and mixed martial arts. He doesn't appear to have a passion for girls yet. However, he did come home from summer camp in July with a list of girls' phone numbers, and a friend of his wrote a girl's name on his arm the other day. I've told him he can tell me about girls and I won't laugh or freak out, but he hasn't done so.

I will now try to post a picture of him doing a flip.

Hey! I think it actually came out!

Back to my losing my job. Well, there's a lot of that going around this year. I haven't found a new full-time job, but I am doing some freelance writing for a coupon website based in India through  It can be found at, if you're curious.  I am also doing mystery shopping, which is a real thing and not a scam. You don't make a lot of money, but you do get to have some fun experiences and freebies if you're lucky. Lew and I have been able to have several means in nice restaurants, on the mystery shopping company's dime. All I have to do is be very observant, remember a lot of details about the meal, and write a report afterward.

I'm going to finish up now, since we're going to a New Year party at the home of friends tonight, and I have things to do regarding the desserts we're taking along. Don't know if anyone's actually found me out here yet, but if there is anyone, I wish you a happy, safe and healthy 2012.

Back reasonably soon.