Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heyy, she actually called

Toots called us at home yesterday. She didn't have much to say--she rarely does--but she was glad to hear we recovered her stereo, iPod and cell phone from the residence. At least she is willing to talk to us again. It was strange packing up all her stuff into suitcases and bags. I made sure to recover the towels, bedding and curtains that I bought new for her room there. I'll be washing and putting away things for the next couple of days. Toots remains under the impression that she will be ready for Independent Living (a small adult group residence) on her 18th birthday, in seven months.


  1. What will likely happen when she turns 18? Will she be able to check herself out of anyplace if she decides to?

  2. According to my understanding of New York mental hygiene law, probably yes in most circumstances. It depends on the circumstances of the admission - voluntary or involuntary. Generally, if a hospitalized person wants to leave a facility, he or she can, unless the facility director files for a court order of retention. At least, that's my interpretation of the regulations. I don't know how often that actually happens.

    We consulted an attorney about the possibility of obtaining guardianship. He did not feel this would be granted, as Toots is "competent" (i.e., not intellectually disabled). In reality, she has very little-to-no clue about managing your own adult life.

    We've always promised her brother that he will NEVER be responsible for her. However, sticking to that may put us (and him) in line for some tough times.