Sunday, May 20, 2012

What a world

A school club to which The Ninja belongs had a bake sale this week. Bake sale! I like baking! I started thinking about making brownies or my famous Snickerdoodles. Imagine my dismay when Ninja said that home baked goodies weren't permitted for bake sales. Everything had to come from store-bought packages.

What are we coming to?


  1. What's the point of a bake sale if you can't bake for it? At that point, I'd rather just give them some money. I'm a sucker for the home baked goods and always choose them.

  2. Unfortunately, there are drug issues at Ninja's school. Apparently, the idea is to avoid "secret ingredients" in baked goods. It's still a shame. At least I still get to bake cookies for our church's monthly coffee hour.