Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chocolate Angels for the New Year

We spent New Year's Eve at the home of friends, whom we've known since their son attended Tutor Time with The Ninja, 10 years ago. Had a good time with a congenial group of people. The Ninja spent the evening in the basement with the other young teenage boys, playing intense video games. Toots stayed upstairs with the adults - there were no other girls in attendance. She didn't appear to overeat wildly, and didn't have any meltdowns or inappropriate expressions of boredom.

We brought several desserts. The best was Chocolate Angel Pie, which I have now made twice, to rave reviews each time. Not-too-sweet chocolate mousse in a meringue crust. The recipe comes from Allrecipes: I highly recommend it.

This afternoon, Toots is over at a friend's house. All her friends are people she's been in various placements with, which means they all have "issues" of various kinds. Friend B. is back living with her family, and appears to have it together, pretty much. Since Toots has missed out on so many of the normal experiences of adolescence, and doesn't have friends in our neighborhood, we're glad that she has friends within driving distance from home, to spend time with.

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