Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Law and Order

The Ninja has always been a person who sees the world in black and white, right and wrong, good against evil. So it's not too surprising that his career goals just now are police officer, Army Ranger, and UFC fighter. He would like to do all three simultaneously.

Last fall, at our town's street festival, we saw several uniformed teenagers assisting the police (who were there just for general order-keeping). I inquired, and found that they were part of Police Explorers, a program for kids 14-21 to explore careers in law enforcement.

So, last night was Ninja's first meeting. I think he was a little nervous, when I shook a leader's hand and left him there, but he wound up having a great time. They role-played domestic violence call scenarios, and discussed gun safety. Right up his alley. At the next meeting, two weeks from now, he will have an interview with the leaders, and then we fill out a detailed application packet. I think he is going to do well. The only part I'm not looking forward to will be keeping him in uniform dress shoes. His feet are size 13 and growing.

Hmmm. The meetings are held at our local precinct. Our address has been in the police computer system for years, flagged as the home of a psychiatric patient with potential for violence. I wonder if any of the officers involved with Explorers will make the connection. At least Toots and The Ninja have different last names.

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