Monday, January 30, 2012

News of the day

Toots is still in the hospital. She has been complaining bitterly of stomach pains for several days. She had an abdominal sonogram, which showed nothing of significance. She has been receiving non-prescription pain relief, but as usual she says that does nothing for her. No matter how many doctors she sees, whatever is done for her aches and pains is never enough. It gets so frustrating. Over the weekend, to get more attention for her "plight", she cut her leg with a piece of wood she obtained somehow on the unit. Apparently it wasn't a large cut, but cutting her leg is new - always before, as she is right-handed, she has cut on her left arm and punched walls with her right fist. And, she has a powerful punch, as she studied Karate for a year and a half before she was hospitalized in 2006.

Speaking of punching, the Ninja competed in a martial arts tournament yesterday, and took home first place in 14-15 year-old black belt boys' sparring. If I'm able to get hold of the footage Lew took of his fights, I'll try to post it.

We have a gaudy array of his large and small trophies in our family room. What are we going to do with these when he grows up? Will he take them with him?

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