Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still in hospital

Toots is still in the hospital. Social Worker went to visit her yesterday afternoon, but I haven't heard from her yet.

One of Toots' complaints about school, during her two days back, was that the boys in her class were teasing her. She's in an 8:1:1 class, with only two boys in the group. Social Worker spoke to the assistant principal, who said that the boys in the class were not the teasing kind, and he would be very surprised to hear that they were doing that. We have no reason to doubt him, as we have found the school staff to be truthful and helpful. What is the real story? Were kids teasing her in the lunchroom or hallways? With Toots, it's so hard to know what the truth is.

Toots was also complaining that she wanted to go to Tech, the vocational high school where she was scheduled to go part-time starting last fall. (She didn't go because she was hospitalized.) Assistant Principal reminded Social Worker that attending Tech requires nearly perfect behavior, and she wouldn't be able to take her 1:1 aide. She would need to attend the High School Day Treatment program for some months, and display appropriate behavior, before she could try Tech.

Social Worker was going to talk with Toots about all this yesterday. Toots' reaction may have been, "Then I'm not going back at all." We have about run out of options. If she doesn't go to school, she can't live at the residence. But we can't have her back here, either. Don't know where we will go from there.

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