Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another detail

Regarding the overdose threats. Toots told her intention to a staff member on the unit, on Wednesday afternoon. That evening, when she was given her bedtime meds, the administering nurse saw that she did not swallow her Seroquel, but hid it in her pants. The nurse asked her to take it out, and Toots went ballistic, screaming "Why doesn't anybody trust me? I took it!" and threatening to punch the nurse in the face if she touched her. Toots went into her room, and another girl followed her and said, "I know you have it." Toots gave the Seroquel to the girl, who took it to the nurse.

She has a history of "cheeking" her meds, and she's very crafty. She tells us that she "doesn't want to be in the world anymore".

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