Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not much news

No word from Toots or the hospital yesterday. Does that mean she's mad at us, or that she slept all day? At least it probably doesn't mean she engaged in more assaults or cutting. I'm sure we will talk to her today. Ninja is spending the day in the city with the Police Explorers. The group is going into New York to learn about forensics and, apparently, meet the cast of NCIS. I've never seen it, but apparently this is a big deal. He's loving the Explorers - comes home from meetings with a big smile. It's like "Where have they been all my life?" I'm glad he's got a new interest, as he hasn't been motivated to join any clubs or activities at school. When I think about the Ninja and the things he does - the way he makes friends wherever he goes - how much he has absorbed about martial arts, cars, sports, etc. that he didn't get from us - I get sad that Toots is not having the same kind of life. And it doesn't look like she ever will.

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