Saturday, February 4, 2012

Downward spiral

Toots is still in the community psych hospital, and is being referred to the children's state hospital, for her self-harming, suicidal statements, and threats to save up her meds and then overdose, over the last few days. If she goes, it will be her third or fourth time there. I have lost track over the past nine years.

Toots has also been talking again about how she wants to be "un-adopted" and go back into foster care so that she can live with another family. Hospital Social Worker tried to explain to Toots that no foster family would take her, at her current level of self-harm. Didn't think it really got through. She was reluctant to tell me this. I told Social Worker that it hurt, but it was nothing we hadn't heard before. And that we are not dissolving the adoption, no matter what.

If Toots goes to the state hospital, the residence has to "close her bed". That means we will have to go and clean out her room. That will be fun. Not.

Residential Social Worker said that she could apply to come back. When would that be?

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