Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good visit

I had a good visit with Toots at Children’s Hospital yesterday afternoon. She showed off her latest artwork and her newly painted nails. We talked about how she’s doing there; things have been going pretty well for a couple of weeks, and she is working on her “Level 2” application. This refers to the hospital’s point system, in which her behaviors and staff recommendations contribute to reaching a higher level with additional privileges. We played Rack-O, a card game that’s an old family favorite. When Toots is feeling well and behaving appropriately, she can be very sweet and fun to be around.

It’s sometimes difficult to remember why she is hospitalized. Then, all I have to do is look at the scars up and down her left forearm. You see, she’s right-handed, so she cuts on her left arm, and when she’s mad she’ll punch a wall or door with her right. She’s broken her hand and wrist several times. I hope the good time lasts for a while, this round.

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