Monday, April 2, 2012

Talked to Ninja's doctor

She said it sounded like urticaria (which appears to be the proper name for hives). I can continue to give Ninja one or two more doses of Benadryl, but if the bumps keep popping back out she wants to see him. May have to give him steroids. If he begins to have trouble breathing, or has itching in his mouth or under his tongue, to the ER we go, stat.

I haven’t gotten a call from or about Ninja from school. Good sign. He is staying after for a club meeting, so I’ll pick him up about 3 pm.


  1. so nerve-wracking. We hates hives in our house. Had an attack myself once, so I know how the Ninja is feeling. Just happened once and never again. Hopefully that is the case for him too.