Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Was on the phone yesterday afternoon with Toots’ social worker at Children’s Hospital. Bless her, she is young, earnest and optimistic. She kept talking about how Toots is “making progress with understanding her emotions” in their counseling sessions. Honey, I appreciate what you’re saying, and what you’re trying to do with Toots. But she’s been working on “understanding her emotions” and “developing coping strategies” for ten years. Bottom line? She has “better” times and “worser” times. But overall forward motion? Not really.


  1. Oh Man do I hear what you are saying. My 10 yo was hospitalized for trying to hang himself - because he was angry about seeing his therapist. So I am visiting him in the hosp and I ask if he gets angry does he think he might try that again? He says 'yeah, probably' I immediately go find his staff for the day and tell her this. She tells me 'Oh we are teaching him coping skills to help with this anger' Like what? says I. The turtle and some others, says she. I turn to my 10yo and ask "son, when did you learn the turtle?" In first grade, says he. "Have you ever been able to do the turtle when you are angry?" No - I am too angry to do the turtle, says he.

    head meets wall.

  2. You are so right. Hope your son is doing better.

    Toots can talk a really good game when she's calm and you ask her about coping strategies. But in the heat of the moment? Not so much, as they say.

  3. My son is doing better. We have had three hospitalizations in the last year but this last one was in a different place and the follow-up care has been awesome. He is in day treatment now and the coping skills are actually starting to sink in a bit. It'll be interesting when he goes back to 'regular' school. but we are seeing less outbursts at home so, for now, we rejoice.

  4. That's great to hear. May the good times continue. We cherish those times, don't we?