Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The Ninja was cleared by the concussion specialist yesterday. He can go back to karate and other sports, as long as he avoids head contact for the rest of the week. He was much relieved.

He is also no longer a bumpy-faced alien. The recommendations of Zyrtec and Benedryl have helped. The pollen count in our area is supposed to be through the roof. I found my eyes getting itchy and burny last night, took a Zyrtec, and enjoyed almost immediate relief.

We had Toots for a day pass on Sunday. Went to Mass, cooked, opened (small) presents from the Easter bunny. She was well-behaved in church, insisted on having Chinese food for lunch (this was before dinner – we caved in order to keep the peace), whined and complained only in small amounts. No meltdowns, and she went back to Children’s Hospital without a scene.

Although we are starting to plan with her social worker for residential placement after she turns 18, it is a frightening thought. Every non-hospital placement she’s been in, even when she said she approved and wanted to go, has turned out to be a disaster. She decides she doesn’t want to be there, and proceeds to behave in a way that makes it impossible for her to stay and be safe.

She’ll be 18 in September. What do the next six months hold?

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