Monday, April 23, 2012

Something sank in

We are coming up on the tenth anniversary of the kids’ moving in, on June 29th. There have been great frustrations over the years, of course. It seems as if so much that has been said has gone into one of Toots’ ears and out the other. So many things she seems to never learn from experience. Well, one thing got through. She is very concerned about getting registered to vote in the general election in November. Something of all the political discussions and diatribes (largely from Lew) has stuck with her. No matter where she is, she wants to cast a vote. Yee-hah!

I just looked up and printed out the voter registration form. As Toots will be 18 before Election Day, she can fill it out and send it in immediately. Wow. She was actually listening, some of the time.

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